Personal Histories

No matter what you do with your life, your greatest creation is always going to be your life’s story. –Jonathan Harris

Who is telling your story? The questions that no one has ever asked you could unlock new goals, dreams, and insights. What if you could hear the patterns and peaks in your life more clearly? How will future generations connect to you? It’s not just about the facts. This is about capturing the full picture of your life up to this point.

I would describe the biography experience as enlightening, cathartic, decadent, and thrilling. This was an amazing opportunity to have a total pro tell my story in a way that I’ve never been able to. –Heather Pierce

I love writing biographies because of the way they illuminate people’s lives. Biographies are transformational. A biography is also your most powerful marketing tool. Your audience connects with you through stories.

It’s damn near impossible to get perspective on the subject you’re most intimate with – you. There is something about having someone else witness you that can be life changing. It may require a new wardrobe or website. It may require you to live up to the story you’ve told me – the one closer to the truth instead of the one you tell yourself in your head.

The deliverables

  • Up to ten mp3 recordings of interviews with your friends, family members, and colleagues.
  • An 10,000 word electronic version of your biography in narrative form. Designed for you to copy and paste from for your website copy and other marketing materials. (Read the introductions of biographies I’ve written here and here.)
  • A professionally-bound hardcover book that contains your written biography that you can share with family, friends, and clients (depicted below).
  • BONUS: A customized usage guide with tips on how to use your biography and a word bank of words that capture your personality.


The logistics

  • Apply to work with me, and then we’ll connect over the phone to answer your questions.
  • A 50% deposit secures your spot; then we’ll schedule a 30-minute meeting to discuss logistics and biography content.
  • I go into intensive research mode, reviewing your existing content and story. I interact with and interview up to ten of your friends, family members, and associates to garner additional insights on you. We have several initial recorded phone interviews.
  • I arrive at your location, where we’re together for two to three days of observation and interview time.
  • Within thirty days from the last interview date, you’ll receive an electronic version of your personal biography to your inbox.
  • You’ll review your biography for any factual edits, which I’ll incorporate.
  • I’ll send the remaining deliverables: a hardcover book with your biography text and a customized usage guide.

The cost

  • $8,000. Payable via check or credit card. A 50% deposit is due upon booking, and the balance is due one week before our in-person time. The first step is to apply here.

Ana nailed who I am at my core. I was surprised by how much I learned about myself. — Jivita Harris-Casey

You may think that your life isn’t interesting enough to warrant a biography. I disagree. We all need to remember and understand our own lives, and pass our life lessons on to the next generation. Everyone has a unique story, and the world deserves to hear yours.

Also: I’m not interested in exposing your secrets or including information that you’d prefer not to share. This service is a combination of oral history, memoir, biography, and journalism traditions. You are my client. This means that my focus is on uncovering the gems in your life and presenting them in a flattering, compelling light.

You know who you are. Let’s share that with the world. Hire me to write your story.






You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers.
How is this service different from other types of biography work?
This service is a combination of oral history, memoir, biography, and journalism traditions. You are my client. This means that my focus is on uncovering the gems in your life and presenting them in a flattering way. I’m not interested in exposing your secrets or including information that you’d prefer not to share. You’ll have multiple opportunities to give me a heads up as to what information you’d like covered and what you’d prefer we not delve into. That’s not to say we stay away from dark or painful topics, but that we touch on those topics at your discretion.
Where do you travel?
Anywhere! Seriously. I will not turn down a location.
Do you offer discounts?
Check out Biographies for the People in the sidebar. If you gather together four additional friends that live in your same city, you’ll get a 50% discount.
Where will you stay?
If you have a guest room in your home and are comfortable hosting, I’ll stay with you. Otherwise, I’ll stay at the nearest hotel or AirBnB rental to your home.
Who is responsible for booking your travel arrangements?
I’ll book my own travel, including airfare and lodging. We’ll discuss travel arrangement details during our 30-minute logistics call after you book your service.
What happens if I need to change the dates?
If we’ve already booked travel and you have an emergency that requires us to shift our itinerary, we’ll work together to find alternate dates. (You’ll be responsible for any travel change fees.)
What will our in-person time consist of?
We’ll have a mixture of formal interview periods, observation periods while you’re working, and informal down time. Formal interview periods will be us sitting down one-on-one with a tape recorder to converse. Observation periods while you’re working will help me to get a sense of your occupation. For that reason, it’s best to have me there when you have speaking gigs, team meetings, workshops, client interactions, and/or any activities relevant for your work scheduled. Informal down time will be meals we share and breaks throughout the day (I’ll still be working and observing you during these times).
When do I receive my biography?
You’ll receive your biography in your email inbox no later than 30 days from the last interview date. Guaranteed.
What happens if I get my biography and have changes?
When I deliver your biography via email, I offer one round of complimentary edits.
What will I receive at the end of the process?
You’ll receive three valuable products. The first will be a Microsoft Word version of your biography, complete with title, subheads, and formatting. You may view samples here. After you make any edits to the factual content, I’ll send you a final electronic version. Next, I’ll create a professionally-bound hardcover book with your biography narrative. The book will be published with Blurb software and I’ll send you a private link to an online bookstore for purchasing additional copies, if you desire. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a usage guide. This is a customized Word document that provides you with quick tips on using your biography, a word bank highlighting words that characterize you, and recommended next steps on what to do with your biography content.
What’s your guarantee? Do you offer refunds?
I work for you. If at any time during the process you’re unsatisfied, let me know and I’ll adjust to meet your concerns. I offer partial refunds up to 72 hours before our in-person dates (you’ll be responsible for any travel change fees). Once I’m 72 hours and counting from traveling to your location, there are no refunds.

"Opening the package with my biography in a bound book brought me to tears. I never thought of myself as much of a subject beyond a soundbite. Ana's perceptive questions were a wonderful surprise, and her kindness and relaxed disposition made me instantly comfortable. I have this fantasy of slipping the book into my future daughter's suitcase when she leaves home." -Aurora Pringle

More ringing endorsements and case studies await.

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