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I’m Ana (pronounced Ah-na) Ottman, and this is my digital home. I’m a writer living in Los Angeles.


As a literary fiction writer, my short stories focus on themes of womanhood and self-determination and have appeared in award-winning literary publications including The Rumpus and Eclectica Magazine. I serve as the associate fiction editor for the literary culture site, The Nervous Breakdown. At the moment, I’m working on a novel based on my Italian great-grandparents’ marriage.

I’ve led feminist communications projects since 2003. My work background includes lobbying for federal funding to combat violence against women, coordinating operations for pro-choice Democratic women political candidates in the U.S., and managing a copywriting agency that served women business owners.

I received a B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, and an M.A. in Public Policy and Women’s Studies. On a daily basis, I’m searching for answers to life’s big philosophical questions at the same time as I’m obsessively tracking the details.

Come, take a seat next to me and tell me how you, too, want to change the world.

To your possibilities,

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Elemental Vignettes

Every Sunday I send an email letter, Elemental Vignettes. They’re a peek into my brain: what I’m obsessed about, what I’m contemplating, what I’m experiencing.

I share my thoughts on leading a creative life, and also offer monthly book giveaways.

They’re designed to be read in five minutes or less. (Think of it as a quick hit of introspection before you close your computer or turn off your phone and immerse yourself in offline life.)